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  • Ø 53mm drivers, exclusively designed for A series headphones, deliver clear, wide range sound
  • D.A.D.S (Double Air Damping System) delivers deep, resonating bass
  • “Total ear-fit” design minimizes pressure while the 3-D wing support (PAT.) ensure ideal positioning
  • 3.0m cloth wrapped OFC input cord



Closed-back Dynamic


Ø 53mm



Frequency Response

5 – 30,000Hz

Maximum Input Power



100 dB/mW


48 Ω


290 g


3.0 m (Cloth wrapped / OFC)


Ø6.3 / Ø3.5 mm gold-plated stereo plug


  1. Chris Bateman

    I live in New Zealand and was curious on where to buy a pair of these ath a500x and what the best price I’d pay would be.

    • atadmin

      Hi Chris, we will have our New Zealand distributor contact you shortly on your enquiry.

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